Gas Safety Certificates

All gas appliances within a landlord owned property, which is rented out and contains tenants must be checked for gas safety every 12 months.

W&M Plumbing and Heating is Gas Safe registered which enables us to carry out the required safety checks on all the gas appliances and issue you with a "Landlord Gas Safety Record Form" (Certificate). This certificate must be presented to the tenant in the property and especially to new tenants before they are about to occupy any premises. Landlords by law must keep their copies for a minimum of two years.

This is not a pass or fail certificate but one that records the state of the gas appliances and pipe work at the time of inspection. If we find any defects, we will need the Landlord's authorisation to do the remedial work so that we can we can record that remedial action has been taken and that the premises and the appliance are safe.

Boiler repairs, servicing and replacement. W&M Plumbing and Heating provides a wealth of boiler services, including boiler installation, boiler repair and maintenance. We are Gas Safe registered which enables us undertake all you’re servicing and maintenance requirements.

To ensure appliances continue to run efficiently and safely they should be serviced at least once a year. The life of the appliance could be extended by being serviced regularly by a qualified professional which is another huge benefit.

We offer a boiler repair service that is swift, and not nearly as costly as commonly thought. If your boiler cannot be repaired, we have a number of new boiler installation options designed to suit your requirements.

Boiler Installation and Upgrades:
  • W&M Plumbing and Heating Ltd carry out both new boiler installations and upgrade boilers that no longer work properly. Old boilers where major faults have developed often cost more to repair than fitting a new boiler.
  • We also specialise in designing new systems for house which currently do not contain central heating or where the old system has become unreliable.
  • We will come out to assess the situation and supply you with a quote.
Plumbing  for your Bathroom:
  • Basins and Baths- Repaired and fitted.
  • Taps - Save water and annoyance by fixing those drips. 
  • New taps also fitted. Toilets - Unblocked, repaired and new toilets installed. 
  • Bathrooms and Showers- New baths and showers plumbed in, and leaks repaired.
  • Shower Pressure - Fed up of standing under a drizzle?!  Speak to us about giving your shower a much needed boost!
  • New Bathroom - Have your new bathroom installed by a company that have respect for your home (clean and tidy) and your time (courteous and punctual).
  • Leaks - Repaired today, at a time that suits you.  


For Your Kitchen:
  • Sinks - Repaired and fitted.
  • Taps - Save water and annoyance by fixing those drips. New taps also fitted.
  • Appliance Installation – Dishwasher, Washing Machines and Fridge freezers with water and Ice dispensers Garbage Disposals - Unblocked, repaired and new garbage disposals units installed.
  • New Kitchens - Enjoy your new kitchen – we can place your water supply and drains where you need them.
  • Leaks - Repaired today, at a time that suits you.